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Seaside Serenity: Whitby Holiday Cottages for a Relaxing Coastal Escape

Whitby holiday cottages

North Yorkshire, England is home to the magnificent seaside resort of Whitby. It is renowned for its stunning beaches, historic charm, and vibrant culture. When planning a vacation in Whitby, finding the perfect accommodation is crucial for a memorable experience. Vrbo, one of the leading vacation rental platforms, offers a wide range of Whitby holiday cottages that cater to diverse preferences and budgets.

Features of Whitby Holiday Cottages

Comfort and Privacy:

Whitby holiday cottages on Vrbo are designed with comfort and privacy in mind. Unlike traditional hotel rooms, these cottages offer ample space, allowing you to relax and unwind in a home-away-from-home environment. The living areas are thoughtfully furnished, providing cosy seating, entertainment options, and well-equipped kitchens.

Authentic Charm and Character:

One of the key attractions of staying in Whitby holiday cottages is the opportunity to experience the town’s authentic charm and character. Vrbo offers a selection of cottages that retain their original architectural features, such as exposed beams, stone walls, and traditional fireplaces.

Flexibility and Value:

Vrbo’s Whitby holiday cottages provide excellent flexibility and value for money. With a range of options available, you can choose the duration of your stay, whether it be a weekend getaway, a week-long vacation, or an extended break. Additionally, the cost of renting a cottage is often more affordable compared to staying in a hotel, especially for larger groups or families.

Here is a list of the top Whitby Holiday Cottages

1. 1 bedroom accommodation in Whitby

1 bedroom accommodation in Whitby
1 bedroom accommodation in Whitby | Nomadscoloumn

Whitby, a charming seaside town on the northeast coast of England, is a popular destination for holidaymakers seeking a blend of history, natural beauty, and coastal allure. When planning a vacation in Whitby, finding the right accommodation is crucial for a comfortable and memorable stay. One-bedroom accommodations offered on Vrbo, a renowned online vacation rental platform, provide an excellent option for couples or solo travellers.

Despite their compact size, 1 bedroom accommodations on Vrbo in Whitby are equipped with a range of amenities, including a fully equipped kitchenette or kitchen, a cosy living area, a comfortable bedroom, and a modern bathroom. These amenities ensure a comfortable and convenient stay.

2. Haven House, pet-friendly, country holiday cottage in Whitby

Haven House is strategically located in the idyllic countryside of Whitby, ensuring tranquillity and a connection with nature. Its picturesque setting provides guests with the perfect backdrop for a rejuvenating holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This country Whitby holidays cottage offers ample space, featuring a well-designed layout that includes cosy bedrooms, a spacious living area, and a fully equipped kitchen. With its tasteful interior decor and modern amenities, Haven House guarantees a comfortable and homely stay for guests.

Haven House proudly welcomes furry companions, making it an ideal choice for pet owners seeking a memorable vacation with their beloved animals. The cottage’s pet-friendly policies ensure that both guests and their pets can enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable stay.

3. 2 Bedroom accommodation in Ugthorpe, near Whitby

2 Bedroom accommodation in Ugthorpe, near Whitby
2 Bedroom accommodation in Ugthorpe, near Whitby | Nomadscoloumn

Ugthorpe, a peaceful village situated just a short distance from Whitby, provides an ideal location for visitors looking to unwind amidst tranquil surroundings. By choosing a 2-bedroom accommodation in Ugthorpe, vacationers can relish the serenity of the countryside while remaining close enough to enjoy all the attractions and amenities of Whitby.

The 2-bedroom accommodations available on Vrbo in Ugthorpe are often charming cottages that exude a warm and welcoming ambience. These cottages typically feature spacious living areas, well-appointed kitchens, and comfortable bedrooms, ensuring a cosy and enjoyable stay for guests. The careful attention to detail in the interior design and furnishings adds to the overall charm of the cottages, creating a home-away-from-home experience.

4. Beautiful Cosy Cottage On The Cliff Top With Stunning Sea Views

The cottage’s prime location on the cliff-top provides guests with unrivalled views of the sea and the surrounding coastline. Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, this peaceful retreat allows visitors to unwind in tranquillity while still being within easy reach of all the attractions and amenities Whitby has to offer. The panoramic views from the cottage create a sense of awe and wonder, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area.

Step inside the cottage, and you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting interior that exudes charm and comfort. The owners have taken great care to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal place to relax after a day of exploring Whitby’s cobblestone streets or enjoying the beach. The living area features comfortable seating, a fireplace, and large windows that allow plenty of natural light to flood in. The decor combines contemporary elements with traditional touches, providing a perfect blend of modern convenience and rustic charm.

5. Rainbow Cottage – A home from home in the heart of Whitby

Rainbow Cottage - A home from home in the heart of Whitby
Rainbow Cottage – A home from home in the heart of Whitby | Nomadscoloumn

Rainbow Cottage enjoys a prime location within Whitby, making it convenient for visitors to explore the town’s attractions. Situated just a stone’s throw away from the bustling town centre, guests have easy access to shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

The iconic Whitby Abbey, overlooking the town, is a short walk from the cottage, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the historical and cultural heritage of the area. Additionally, the cheap Villas in Whitby are located within close proximity to the beach, enabling guests to enjoy leisurely strolls along the sandy shores or partake in water activities.

The allure of Rainbow Cottage lies in its warm and inviting ambience. As one steps through the door, they are greeted with tasteful decor, a blend of modern comfort and traditional charm. The cottage features a cosy living room with comfortable seating, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration. The bedrooms are thoughtfully furnished, providing a peaceful haven for guests to unwind and rejuvenate.


When planning a holiday in Whitby, Vrbo offers numerous advantages. The ideal size and cosy atmosphere create a perfect retreat for couples or solo travellers. Additionally, cost-effectiveness and all-inclusive rates make these accommodations an attractive choice for those looking to enjoy a delightful Whitby holiday cottages experience. For more information, visit Nomads Column.


How much does a cottage in Whitby typically cost per night?
The cost of staying in a cottage in Whitby can vary depending on factors such as location, size, amenities, and the time of year. On average, prices can range from £300 to £1,500 per week.
What are the best cottages to stay in Whitby?
Whitby offers a variety of beautiful cottages to choose from. Some highly recommended options include Sandalwood Cottage, Captain Cook’s Haven, Pannett House, Whitby Harbour Apartment, and Harbour View Cottage. It’s advisable to read reviews and consider personal preferences when selecting the best cottage for your stay.
How to book a cottage in Whitby?

You may reserve a cottage in Whitby in a number of different methods. You can consider the following options:

Online booking platforms: Websites such as Airbnb,, and HomeAway offer a wide range of cottage listings in Whitby. Simply search for Whitby, select your desired dates, filter for cottages, and follow the booking process.

Local vacation rental agencies: There are local agencies in Whitby that specialize in managing holiday rentals. Their information is available on the Internet and in phone books. Reach out to them, discuss your requirements, and they will guide you through the booking process.

Direct booking: Some cottage owners in Whitby may have their own websites or contact details listed online. You can directly reach out to them to inquire about availability and make a reservation.

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