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Plaza de America: A Beautiful and Historic Plaza in Seville

Plaza de America

In Seville, Spain, there is a lovely ancient square called Plaza de America. It was constructed in 1929 as a component of the Ibero-American Exposition, a world’s fair that emphasized the connections between Spain and the Americas on an economic and cultural level. The plaza, which is home to a multitude of noteworthy structures and attractions, was influenced by the architecture of Spanish-speaking nations in the Americas.

The History of Plaza De Americas:

  • Ibero-American Exposition construction included the construction of Plaza de America in 1929.
  • Anibal González, an architect, created the plaza.
  • The architecture of Spanish-speaking nations in the Americas served as inspiration for the plaza.
  • The central square, the north wing, and the south wing are the three distinct areas of the plaza.

Plaza De Las Americas Ballroom:

  • Within the square, the Plaza de las Americas Ballroom serves as a gathering place for parties, weddings, and other occasions.
  • Experience the elegance of the ballroom’s design, which honors the ethnic ethos of the plaza while offering a stunning location for memorable events

Features of Plaza De America:

  • Plaza de America is a spectacular example of Spanish-Moorish design.
  • Fountains, arches, and colored tiles are used to embellish the plaza.
  • A sizable fountain with a statue of Christopher Columbus may be found in the main square.
  • The 1929-built Teatro Lope de Vega is located in the plaza’s northern wing.
  • The Museo De Las Artes Y Costumbres, a museum that displays artifacts from Spanish-speaking civilizations all around the world, is located in the plaza’s south wing.

Things to do in Plaza de America:

  • Admire the architecture of the main square.
  • Explore the plaza and see the plants.
  • To view a performance, go to the Teatro Lope de Vega.
  • To learn about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world, visit the Museo De Las Artes Y Costumbres Populares.
  • The Plaza de America grounds provide serenity and relaxation.

Some of The Best Tour in Plaza De America available on GetYourGuide:

1. Seville: 2.5-Hour Evening Electric Bike Tour

Seville 2.5-Hour Evening Electric Bike Tour
Seville 2.5-Hour Evening Electric Bike Tour | Nomadscolumn

On a 2.5-hour electric bike trip that is appropriate for all fitness levels, discover the finest of Seville. This trip includes a bicycle, a helmet, and a guide. It makes stops at places including Maria Luisa Park, Alcazar, Trinidad, a traditional Andalusian district, Plaza de Espana, and the biggest Gothic church in the world. The trip provides simple access to Seville’s major sights without the burden of traffic or parking. The average price per person is €30. You may book a tour online or by getting in touch with a nearby tour operator.

2. Seville: Hop-on Hop-off City Sightseeing Bus

The Seville Hop-On Hop-Off City Touring Transport may be a down-to-earth strategy to see the most excellent sights of the city without having to worry about stopping or activity. The ticket permits boundless bounces and stops and is nice for 24 hours with 14 stops. A sound commentary on the history and culture of the city is accessible on the transport. Square De Espana, the Cathedral, the Alcazar, Triana, and Maria Luisa Stop are too well-liked goals. Grown-ups pay €26 for entrance for a full day, whereas children pay €18.

3. Seville: Landmarks Electric Bike Tour

Seville Landmarks Electric Bike Tour
Seville Landmarks Electric Bike Tour | Nomadscolumn

The Plaza de Espana, the Cathedral, and the Alcazar are some of the well-known visitor attractions that will be seen amid the 2.5-hour Seville: Landmarks Electric Bike Tour. The outing is agreeable because of the learned guide’s intriguing experiences in the history and culture of the city. The trip can be crowded and tumultuous and is not recommended for anybody with portability issues. You’ll make the most of your get-away by dressing comfortably, bringing sunscreen and a cap, drinking parcels of water, and being arranged for crowds—especially amid the busiest times of the year. Generally, learning about Seville’s past and show is made curious and pleasant by taking the Seville: Landmarks Electric Bike Tour.

4. Seville: City Tour by Private Eco Tuk Tuk

The 2-hour Seville: City trip by Private Eco Tuk Tuk trip allows tourists to take their time and discover the city at their leisure. They are taken by the expert driver to well-known tourist destinations such as Plaza de Espana, the Cathedral, and the Alcazar. The tour is interesting and special, providing a different viewpoint on the history and culture of the city. It may be pricey though, and persons with mobility problems should avoid using it. Be explicit with your driver about your intended locations, let them know if you have any mobility concerns, pack sunscreen and a hat, and drink lots of water to get the most out of the tour. The Seville: City Tour by Private Eco Tuk Tuk is, all things considered, a fantastic opportunity to learn about Seville’s history and culture.

5. Seville: Professional Photoshoot at Plaza de España

The Plaza de Espana professional photo session is a great opportunity to preserve memories of Seville’s famous structure. A skilled photographer can make you look your best, catch the greatest perspectives, and provide high-quality images that you’ll treasure for years. It is possible to organize the picture session for the morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on your requirements and preferences. However, it may be pricey and needs to be scheduled in advance. Dress comfortably, bring a range of clothing, carry a hairbrush and makeup, arrive on time, and be ready to have fun to make the most of the experience.


The Royal Pavilion, Andalusian Pavilion, and American Pavilion are three pavilions on the Plaza de América in Seville, Spain, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These pavilions are well-landscaped, surrounded by gardens and fountains, and are thus ideal for occasions like weddings. While the Andalusian Pavilion is built with brick, tile, and wood in the Mudéjar style, the Royal Pavilion is neo-gothic in design. The Art Deco design of the American Pavilion includes streamlined forms, bright hues, and geometric shapes. Walking, visiting the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs, having a picnic in the gardens, hiring a boat on the lake, going to a concert, or just unwinding are just a few of the things that visitors may engage in. For more information on Plaza de America, visit NomadsColumn.


Why is Plaza de España famous?
Plaza de Espana, well-known for its exquisite design and function as the major exposition hall during the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition, is also shown in Star Wars: “Attack of the Clones” as planet Naboo.
What is the Plaza de España used for today?
Plaza de España serves as a popular tourist destination, event venue, filming location, and government office location in Seville. It has been used for concerts, festivals, and movies like “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” and “Lawrence of Arabia.”
How much does it cost to go to Plaza de España?
Plaza de España is free to enter, but there may be fees for events and activities. For example, renting a boat on the lake costs €3.50 for adults and €2.50 for children. Other costs include food and drinks at restaurants and cafes, souvenirs at shops, and guided tours explaining the plaza’s history and significance.

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