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Holidays To Cape Verde : Experience A Luxurious Stay

holidays to cape verde

Cape Verde, located off the west coast of Africa, is a stunning archipelago known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and diverse landscapes. If you’re considering holidays to Cape Verde, Vrbo is the ideal platform to find the perfect accommodation for your stay. 

Vrbo offers a diverse range of accommodation options for holidays to Cape Verde. Whether you prefer a beachfront property with breathtaking ocean views or a cozy apartment in the heart of a vibrant city, you’ll find numerous listings that meet your preferences. The platform allows you to filter your search based on location, amenities, price range, and more, making it easier to find the perfect accommodation that suits your specific needs.

Benefits of using Vrbo for holidays to Cape Verde

Vrbo offers several benefits for those planning holidays to Cape Verde. Firstly, it provides a wide range of accommodation options, including apartments, villas, and houses, catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront villa, a cozy apartment in the city, or a spacious house for a family vacation, Vrbo has a variety of choices for cape verde holidays to suit your needs.

Another benefit of using Vrbo is the ability to communicate directly with property owners or managers. This direct communication allows you to ask questions, discuss specific requirements, and negotiate prices or terms, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the property before making a booking. It also provides a personalized experience and the opportunity to get insider tips or recommendations from the locals.

Here is a list of top 5 hotels to stay during holidays to Cape Verde that you don’t want to miss:

1. Blue Marlin Apartment

Blue Marlin Apartment
Blue Marlin Apartment | nomadcolumn

Blue Marlin Apartment is a stunning vacation retreat nestled in the breathtaking coastal region of Cape Verde. Boasting luxurious amenities and captivating ocean views, this accommodation offers an unforgettable stay during cape verde holidays 2023. From the moment you step into the apartment, you will be greeted by a stylish and modern interior design that exudes comfort and elegance. 

The spacious living area provides ample room for relaxation, featuring cozy sofas and large windows that bathe the space in natural light, allowing guests to soak in the picturesque vistas of the azure waters and golden sandy beaches.

The Blue Marlin Apartment comprises two well-appointed bedrooms, each thoughtfully furnished with plush beds and crisp linens, ensuring a restful night’s sleep after a day of exploration. The fully equipped kitchen invites guests to indulge in their culinary skills, preparing delicious meals with locally sourced ingredients. The dining area provides a cozy setting for enjoying meals together, fostering a sense of togetherness and creating lasting memories during your holidays to Cape Verde.

2. Architect’s house Santa Verde

Architect’s House Santa Verde, a stunning retreat nestled in the captivating landscapes of Cape Verde. This architectural masterpiece is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday stay during the holidays to Cape Verde. With its unique design and luxurious amenities, the Architect’s House Santa Verde offers an exceptional experience that combines comfort, style, and the enchanting beauty of the island.

As you step into the house, you’ll be greeted by an open and airy layout, characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows that provide breathtaking views of the surrounding natural wonders. The interior is a seamless blend of contemporary elegance and traditional influences, showcasing the architect’s impeccable taste.

3. Porto Antigo 2 

Porto Antigo 2 
Porto Antigo 2 | nomadcolumn

Porto Antigo 2 – Beachfront Complex – Studio Apartment is the perfect choice for your stay during Holidays to Cape Verde. Nestled along the pristine coastline, this charming studio apartment offers breathtaking views of the azure waters and powdery white sands. The apartment is situated within the prestigious Porto Antigo 2 complex, renowned for its luxurious amenities and prime location.

Inside the studio apartment, you’ll find a cozy and well-appointed living space that is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and convenience. The tastefully decorated interiors create a relaxing ambiance, making it an ideal retreat after a day of exploring the island. The apartment features a comfortable sleeping area, a compact kitchenette equipped with all the necessary appliances, and a private bathroom.

4. Apartment 10 Fabio

Apartment 10 Fabio is a charming holiday accommodation located in the picturesque destination of Cape Verde. This cozy apartment offers a delightful retreat for those looking to stay during the holidays in this tropical paradise. Nestled in a serene neighborhood, Apartment 10 Fabio provides a tranquil atmosphere, allowing guests to relax and unwind in a peaceful setting.

The interior of Apartment 10 Fabio is tastefully decorated, boasting a comfortable and inviting ambiance. The apartment features a spacious living area, a well-equipped kitchenette, and a cozy bedroom, ensuring a pleasant stay for couples or small families. The amenities provided cater to the needs of the guests, including modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV.

5. Apart-Hotel “Ca Elsa – 07”

Apart-Hotel "Ca Elsa - 07"
Apart-Hotel “Ca Elsa – 07” | nomadscolumn

Apart-Hotel Ca Elsa – 07 Located in the breathtaking destination of Cape Verde, our establishment offers a delightful accommodation experience for your holidays. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, our Apart-Hotel provides all the comforts and conveniences you need for a memorable stay during the holidays to Cape Verde.

Ca Elsa – 07 features a range of well-appointed apartments that are designed to cater to your every need. Each spacious unit is tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay. From cozy studios to expansive multi-bedroom apartments, we have options to suit various group sizes and preferences.

During your stay at Apart-Hotel Ca Elsa – 07, you can indulge in the beauty of Cape Verde’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. Immerse yourself in the turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing and water sports. Explore the local markets and savor the delicious Cape Verdean cuisine, known for its fusion of African, Portuguese, and Brazilian flavors.


When planning holidays to Cape Verde, Vrbo is the ultimate platform to find the perfect accommodation for your stay. With its wide variety of options, user-friendly interface, direct communication with property owners, and secure booking process, Vrbo ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience in finding the ideal place to stay in Cape Verde. So, start your journey on Vrbo and discover the perfect accommodations for your unforgettable holidays to Cape Verde. For more information, visit Vrbo and the official website of Nomads Column.


Which month is ideal for traveling to Cape Verde?
The best month to visit Cape Verde is typically between November and June when the weather is warm and dry, with less chance of rainfall.
What is the nicest part of Cape Verde?
The nicest part of Cape Verde is subjective, but popular destinations include Sal Island for its beautiful beaches and water sports, and São Vicente for its vibrant music scene and cultural festivals.
Where is the best holiday in Cape Verde?
Cape Verde offers a range of holiday experiences, but Sal Island and Boa Vista are popular choices for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. São Vicente and Santiago are great for those interested in music, culture, and history.

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