A Comprehensive Guide and Tricks To Factory Reset Xbox One

Factory Reset Xbox One

Is your Xbox One lagging, crashing all of a sudden, or having trouble connecting to the internet? Though these problems may be annoying, don’t give up! You may find that a factory reset is the perfect solution. Consider it a fresh digital start; it resets all of your Xbox’s data and settings to their original state, maybe fixing any issues and bringing back lag-free gameplay. But remember that a factory reset also removes your downloaded and stored games, so try to back up your material beforehand. So in this blog let’s check out the tips to factory reset Xbox One and other information. Also, how is NordVPN helpful for your Xbox One and other tricks?

Resetting Factory Reset Xbox One

Resetting an Xbox One Console to its original settings is known as reset. Generally, to erase all of your data from your Xbox One to sell or give it away, you would do the reset. Not only can you factory reset Xbox One, but you can also reset the PS4 back to its original configuration.

Two types of factory resets can fix several issues with your Xbox One.

1. Partial Factory Reset

It will erase any files that could be affecting the Xbox’s performance, restore the operating system, settings, and accounts, and return all settings to their original positions. It’s crucial to understand that a partial factory reset leaves the games and other data stored in the console unaltered. Your Xbox will be completely reset, wiping off all user data, games, accounts, and manually adjusted settings.

2. A full factory reset

It will remove every piece of data on your Xbox, including manually adjusted settings, games, accounts, and associated data.

How To Factory Reset Xbox One?

If you have decided to return your Xbox One to its original settings, you have three options for doing so: Use a USB flash drive to clear your console, launch a startup troubleshooter, or use the console to do a factory reset. Let’s examine these choices in more detail. The console’s factory reset By doing the following, you may factory reset Xbox One to its factory default settings.

  1. Hit the Xbox button, After the tutorial appears, pick “Profile and system,” then “Settings,” and finally “Console info.”
  2. Tap on “Select console.”
  3. when a box asks whether you wish to “reset your console?” appears, you have two alternatives to select from: “Remove everything and reset.”
  4. Choosing this option will erase all of your games, applications, personal data, and personalized settings and restore the console to its factory defaults. If you want to give your Xbox away or are troubleshooting, it should be your final option.
  5. “Reset my apps and games, but keep them.” Selecting this option will reset the Xbox’s operating system and remove any potentially hazardous information without erasing your installed applications or games.

How long does it take to factory reset Xbox One?

How long it takes to factory reset your Xbox One depends on the amount of data stored on your console and the type of recovery you choose. Selecting a soft restart that saves your games and apps can take anywhere from a few minutes to about 20 minutes. At the same time, a complete restoration can take from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the content stored on the hard drive. Finally, the duration of the restore will vary depending on the specific conditions of your console system and the extent of data deletion required.

The reason behind the Factory Reset Xbox One

Xbox One To make sure the factory reset goes well, there are a few things you should do before choosing to do one. Remember that all of your Xbox’s data including settings, games, and accounts, will be erased when the factory reset is finished, depending on the reset option you select. Some precautions you should take before starting a reset are listed below.

1. Back up important data

Make a backup of critical data. Don’t forget to save your progress in games on your Xbox Live account. Additionally, you want to think about storing up other files, such as screenshots, videos, or game settings, on a USB drive or an external hard disk.

2. Take the disks out

By taking the disk out of the Xbox, you can be sure that it won’t be accidentally accessed, ejected, or handled incorrectly during the reset. The disc drive may malfunction or error due to the procedure, leaving the disc trapped in the console.

3. Unplug any external storage units

Before doing the factory reset, unplug any external drives or other storage devices you use. Any possible problems, such as data loss, interrupted resets, or prolonged reset times, will be less likely.

How is NordVPN helpful for Factory Reset Xbox One?

Even though using a VPN like NordVPN won’t directly affect your Xbox One’s factory reset procedure, it may still be a useful tool for your subsequent online gaming. Your internet traffic is encrypted via a VPN, which might provide an additional degree of protection when you download games or log into your Xbox Live account following the reset. If you want to redownload your games using public wifi, this can be helpful. But keep in mind that a factory reset is mostly intended to resolve internal Xbox problems rather than necessarily enhancing your internet connection.


Wrapping up with the conclusion that factory resetting your Xbox One can fix various software issues and restore your console to optimal performance. By following the steps in this guide and taking the necessary precautions to save your data, you can efficiently factory reset Xbox One at any time. So Now you whom to trust and here comes NordVPN on the top. So you can have possession of the NordVPN and secure your wifi and also factory reset the Xbox One. For such information, do visit the trusted website NomadsColumn!


How do I factory reset Xbox One?

Here are some tips to follow to do a factory reset for the Xbox One:

  • Hit the Xbox Button.
  • After the tutorial appears, pick “Profile and system,” then “Settings,” and finally “Console info.”
  • On “Select console,” tap.
Will factory resetting my Xbox One delete all my data?
Yes, all user data, saves, games, and applications will be deleted if you factory reset your Xbox One.
Can I undo a factory reset on my Xbox One?
No, data is permanently erased on an Xbox One Factory reset. There’s no turning back now.

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