Meshnet, VPN And More- How You Can Keep Your Data Even More Personal

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Meshnet technology offers a compelling way to establish secure and private connections between your devices. It prioritizes direct connections between devices, potentially leading to faster data transfer speeds compared to traditional VPNs that rely on remote servers. You can also simplify file sharing within your network, eliminating the need for external storage or cumbersome file transfers with Meshnet. VPNs tend to serve a different purpose. They give you a general location different from your own place. They all have a different role to play in you having safe online interactions. Let’s see how.

What is Meshnet?

NordVPN Meshnet is a clever feature that lets you turn your regular devices into a secure and private network. Traditionally, VPNs connect you to a remote server, encrypting your traffic as it travels through the internet. Meshnet takes a different approach. It creates direct, encrypted tunnels between your devices themselves, regardless of their location. There’s no complicated configuration needed. All you have to do is install the NordVPN app on each device you want to connect to and activate Meshnet. 

Meshnet is not just for connecting two devices. It can handle a whole network of yours! You can connect up to 10 devices you personally own, like your phone, laptop, and tablet. But that is not all! Meshnet also lets you securely link to over 50 other devices, making it perfect for sharing files with pals or ever accessing your home computer while you are off.

Why Should You Use Meshnet?

Enhanced Security

Meshnet creates encrypted tunnels between your devices, shielding your data transfer from prying eyes. This is especially beneficial on public Wi-Fi networks where your information might be vulnerable. Get Meshnet now for the most security you can imagine for your business! 

Improved Performance

By connecting directly to each other, your devices can potentially experience faster speeds compared to traditional VPN connections that route traffic through a remote server. This can be advantageous for activities like online gaming or file sharing.

Streamlined File Sharing

Meshnet simplifies sharing files between your devices on the network. No more need for complicated cloud storage or emailing files back and forth.

Remote Device Access

Meshnet allows you to securely access devices on your network remotely. Imagine accessing your home computer while you’re traveling or granting a friend temporary access to specific files on your work laptop.

Flexibility and Scalability

Meshnet can handle a decent-sized network, accommodating up to 10 of your personal devices and allowing connections to up to 50 others. This makes it suitable for both personal and collaborative use.


Perhaps the biggest perk is that NordVPN Meshnet is entirely free to use. You don’t need a paid NordVPN subscription to enjoy the benefits of your secure mesh network. Get Meshnet for yourself from the official website now.

Meshnet, VPN- Is There Any Relation?

Meshnet and VPNs are both security and privacy tools, but they achieve their intents in different ways. A VPN creates a secure lair between your device and a remote server, encoding your internet traffic and potentially camouflaging your location. Meshnet, on the flip side, focuses on creating a secure network directly between your devices, circumventing the internet altogether in some cases. 

You can securely connect your devices together for file sharing, remote access, or creating a private network within your home or office with Meshnet. VPN, on the other hand, is a good choice if you want to cypher your internet business for sequestration or access geo-confined content.

You can create a network of up to 10 of your own devices and connect to over 50 others, making it more scalable for group usage with Meshnet. VPNs generally connect you to a single server at a time. 

You will also never need a subscription to access Meshnet. VPNs do require a subscription free. Mind you, you might find free VPNs out there, but with the “free” tag comes a compromise in quality.

Meshnet VPNs- Are They Strong?

Meshnet runs entirely over secured VPN connections. Your traffic is translated using industry standard AES-256 encryption as it travels between devices. This prevents any vicious third parties like hackers from penetrating your data or network.

NordVPN’s strict no-log policy also means your operation is in no way tracked or logged. You get the privacy benefits of NordVPN added to Meshnet.

And because devices connect directly rather than through mediating servers, you profit from faster speeds with Meshnet. VPN connectivity results in a secure network terrain optimized for productivity and collaboration.

How To Link Meshnet, VPNs And Other NordVPN Services?

Linking Your Bias with Meshnet  Getting started with Meshnet is easy and breezy. Just download the NordVPN app on each device you want to connect. Download NordVPN Meshnet for Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Once you install Meshnet, assign your devices a name. This is how you’ll identify them within your network. Next, simply invite devices to join your Meshnet using their unique device name. Sanction the invite, and you are connected!   You can seamlessly enter files, play multiplayer games, share defenses, and band across linked devices. Meshnet intelligently routes business between your widgets for the fastest connections. Explore more on how Meshnet and VPNs help you with NordVPN now.


While VPNs tower at securing your connection to the broader internet, meshnet shines in creating a secure enclave for your devices to transmit straight. They can indeed be complementary tools. You could work with a Meshnet for your trusted original network and a VPN for cracking your business when using public Wi-Fi. As meshnet technology continues to evolve, it has the potential to grow into a precious tool for anyone seeking a secure and protean way to connect their devices. Meshnet, VPNs and other tools can work together to give you the safest data transfer space you can imagine. Get Meshnet on NordVPN now! 

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Is Meshnet the same as VPN?
 No, Meshnet creates a secure network directly between your devices, while a VPN encrypts your traffic to a remote server.
Does a VPN work with a mesh network?
Yes, they can complement each other. Meshnet secures your local network, and a VPN encrypts your internet traffic outside the mesh.
Can you use Meshnet without NordVPN?
Yes, some routers offer built-in mesh functionality, but NordVPN Meshnet is a free feature specifically within the NordVPN app.

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