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The Best Luxury Resorts In Arizona For A Comfortable Stay

Best resorts in arizona

Arizona is home to some of the most breathtaking resorts in the United States, offering a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty. One standout resort is The Phoenician in Scottsdale. Nestled at the base of Camelback Mountain, it boasts stunning desert views, world-class golf courses, and exquisite accommodations. With its opulent spa, multiple pools, and exceptional dining options, The Phoenician promises an unforgettable experience. Another top-notch resort is the Canyon Suites at The Phoenician, an exclusive boutique hotel within the larger property. It provides personalised service, spacious suites, and access to a private infinity pool. For those seeking a serene desert retreat, one of the best resorts in Arizona is Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa in Tucson is ideal. With its focus on wellness and mindfulness, this all-inclusive resort offers unique activities like equine therapy and outdoor adventures.

Finally, the Enchantment Resort in Sedona is renowned for its breathtaking red rock views and luxurious accommodations. Set amidst 70 acres of stunning landscape, it offers a tranquil escape with a renowned spa, championship golf courses, and access to hiking and biking trails. These exceptional best resorts in Arizona ensure a memorable stay in the heart of the desert. Moreover, you can also check the official website of VRBO for more such best resorts in Arizona.

List of Some of the top best resorts in Arizona

These are some of the best resorts in Arizona where you can prefer to stay. However, you can also check the best resorts in Arizona for couples, the best spa resorts in Arizona. Below are some of the best resorts in Arizona:

  1. Bluegreen Cibola Vista Resort and Spa, 1 Bedroom Jr. Suite

    Bluegreen Cibola Vista Resort and Spa, 1 Bedroom Jr. Suite
    Bluegreen Cibola Vista Resort and Spa, 1 Bedroom Jr. Suite | Nomadscolumn

The Bluegreen Cibola Vista Resort and Spa offer a luxurious 1 Bedroom Jr. Suite with a comfortable and indulgent stay. This suite is designed to cater to guests seeking spacious and well-appointed accommodation. With modern furnishings and a cozy ambience, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for relaxation. The suite features a separate bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a living area with a sleeper sofa, and a private balcony or patio. Guests can enjoy the resort’s amenities, including the outdoor pools, hot tubs, fitness centre, and spa services. Located in Peoria, Arizona, this suite at the Bluegreen Cibola Vista Resort and Spa ensures a memorable and enjoyable vacation experience.

 2. Breathtaking McDowell Sonoran Preserve!

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a truly breathtaking natural gem nestled in Arizona. Spanning over 30,000 acres, this preserve showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Its rugged mountains, expansive desert landscapes, and diverse flora and fauna offer a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails wind through the preserve, allowing visitors to explore its wonders at their own pace. From stunning panoramic views to unique desert ecosystems, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve captivates with its untamed beauty. It serves as a reminder of Arizona’s incredible natural landscapes.

 3. Wyndham Resort in Flagstaff, Arizona

Wyndham Resort in Flagstaff, Arizona
Wyndham Resort in Flagstaff, Arizona | Nomadscolumn

The Wyndham Resort in Flagstaff, Arizona, is a top-notch destination for travellers seeking a memorable stay in the heart of nature. This resort offers a range of comfortable accommodations, from spacious suites to cosy cabins, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Located amidst the stunning beauty of the Coconino National Forest, it provides easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and fishing. The resort’s amenities include a heated outdoor pool, hot tubs, a fitness center, and a game room, catering to the needs of both relaxation seekers and adventure enthusiasts. With its prime location and excellent facilities, the Wyndham Resort in Flagstaff is an ideal base for exploring the natural wonders of Arizona.

 4. Welcome to Kamaria Haven In Arizona

Welcome to Kamaria Haven, a tranquil oasis nestled in the scenic beauty of Arizona. This enchanting resort offers a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, surrounded by stunning desert landscapes. Kamaria Haven provides an unforgettable retreat experience with its luxurious accommodations and world-class amenities. Indulge in the resort’s exquisite spa treatments, savor delectable cuisine at its gourmet restaurants, or unwind by the sparkling pool. The resort’s attention to detail and personalised service ensure every guest feels pampered and cared for. Whether you seek a peaceful escape or an adventure in the desert, Kamaria Haven is the perfect destination to unwind and create lasting memories.

 5. Hilton VC Studio in Beautiful Sedona, AZ At The Sedona Summit Resort

Hilton VC Studio in Beautiful Sedona, AZ At The Sedona Summit Resort
Hilton VC Studio in Beautiful Sedona, AZ At The Sedona Summit Resort | Nomadscolumn

Experience the charm of Sedona, Arizona at the Hilton VC Studio located within The Sedona Summit Resort. This beautiful studio offers a comfortable and stylish stay amidst the breathtaking red rock scenery. With its well-appointed amenities and modern furnishings, the Hilton VC Studio provides a cozy retreat for travelers. Enjoy the convenience of a fully equipped kitchenette, a spacious living area, and a plush bed for a restful night’s sleep. Take advantage of the resort’s outdoor pools, hot tubs, fitness center, and barbecue areas. Whether seeking outdoor adventures or a relaxing getaway, this Hilton VC Studio is the perfect home base for your Sedona exploration.


In conclusion, Arizona is home to some of the best resorts that offer a perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty, and exceptional hospitality. From the opulence of The Phoenician in Scottsdale to the tranquility of Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa in Tucson, these best resorts in Arizona provide an unforgettable experience for guests. Arizona’s resorts have it all, whether you seek desert vistas, rejuvenating spa treatments, world-class golf courses, or outdoor adventures. Enjoy the stunning landscapes, indulge in exquisite dining, and relax in lavish accommodations. With their unparalleled amenities and stunning locations, these resorts embody the spirit of Arizona and ensure a truly memorable stay for every visitor. Moreover, you can also check VRBO and the website of Nomas Column for more such best resorts in Arizona.


Which is safer, Airbnb or VRBO?
Whether Airbnb or VRBO is safer can depend on various factors, such as individual property, host, and location. Both platforms have safety measures, including guest reviews, host verification processes, and customer support. However, it is essential for travelers to thoroughly research and review property listings, read guest reviews, and communicate with hosts to ensure a secure and reliable booking. Ultimately, personal due diligence and careful consideration of specific properties and hosts are key to ensuring a safe experience, regardless of the platform chosen.
What is the best vacation rental company to use?
Determining the best vacation rental company depends on individual preferences and needs. Popular options include Airbnb, VRBO, and Each platform offers a wide range of properties worldwide, user reviews, and customer support. It’s advisable to consider factors such as pricing, property selection, location, and customer feedback when selecting the best vacation rental company for your specific requirements. Researching and comparing different platforms can help you find the one that aligns best with your preferences and provides a seamless vacation rental experience.
Is there a cheaper alternative to VRBO?
Yes, there are cheaper alternatives to VRBO for vacation rentals. Some popular options include Airbnb,, HomeAway, and FlipKey. These platforms often have various listings available at varying price points, allowing travelers to find more budget-friendly accommodations. It’s recommended to compare prices, read reviews, and consider the specific needs and preferences when searching for a cost-effective alternative to VRBO for vacation rentals.

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