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Experience The Morgans’ Magical Voice At Morgan Wallen Tour 2024!

morgan wallen tour 2024

In the last several years, few stories in the country music industry have been as intriguing as Morgan Wallen’s. With his distinctive voice and touching lyrics, coupled with undeniable talent, Wallen became a star almost overnight, but not without challenges. He has witnessed everything from controversy to hit singles within the music industry. Morgan Wallen tour 2024 is a story of resiliency and atonement that enthrals critics and fans alike.

Morgan Wallen Tour 2024: A One Night At A Time Tour

Morgan Wallen is a resident of Sneedville in the state of Tennessee where he grew up. His love for country music, heartfelt melodies and engaging performance earned him a loyal audience base. He soon secured for himself a position in the country music scene in Nashville due to his natural ability to sing and write songs. 2018 saw the release of his debut album If I Knew which brought him into the limelight with songs such as Whiskey Glasses and Up Down becoming the country’s biggest hits at the time.

It can be said without a doubt that Morgan Wallen is one of the brightest stars of the country music market now. In recent years he has been selling out concerts year in year out. The Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 has returned on new dates. Make sure not to miss the “One Night at A Time” tour this year if you missed it last year!

Morgan Wallen Tour Dates 2024

morgan wallen tour 2024
morgan wallen tour 2024

Wallen made a successful comeback to the stage in 2022 and managed to win the minds and hearts of a large crowd of Nashville Festival’s CMA Fest participants. It was a defining moment for the troubled singer as it signified the end of one era and the beginning of another in his career revival. Buoyed by the overwhelming support from his fan following Wallen began planning out for his long awaited return and in particular arranged for his return tour which set the stage for the musical icon’s return to the public eye in the year 2024.

Morgan Wallen has scheduled further tour dates in the Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 up to August 2024 owing to the initial response and success of the 2023 tour. He began touring the country in early April and will continue doing so until August 2024. There will be festival sets and solo shows in addition to the tour dates. Additionally, Morgan’s 2024 tour will feature a lineup of well-known performers.

Knowing The Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 Lineup

The US Tour began on Thursday, April 4, 2024, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The last show of Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 will take place on Friday, August 9, at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas, following performances in other locations around several states. Morgan Wallen concerts will take place in multiple locations. Indianapolis, Oxford, Indio, Nashville, Philadelphia, East Rutherford, Minneapolis, Denver, Tampa, and other locations. Morgan Wallen is planning to hold a concert at Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom on July 4, 2024. Check his official website to view the detailed Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 lineup.

Who Are The Additional Performers In the 2024 Tour?

A Morgan Wallen concert can run more than three hours on average. The remaining time is dedicated to opening acts and, if required, an encore after Wallen’s 1.5 to 2-hour performance. The setlist of Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 will influence Morgan Wallen’s set times as well. 

Of course, no show would be complete without the special combination of emotional ballads and boisterous anthems from Morgan Wallen. With special invites from some of the most popular country musicians, the tour is definitely going to leave new and old fans with great memories.

Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 will feature Parker McCollum, ERNEST, Bailey Zimmerman, Bryan Martin, and Lauren Watkins as supporting performers. At various locations, he will be joined by other artists. Watch the social media pages for additional updates.

Morgan Wallen 2024 Tour Setlist

There will be some chart-topping songs in the upcoming tour setlist. His 2023 album “One Thing at a Time” peaked at number one on the charts. A few of these songs might be included in the tour schedule. The most moving parts of the tour, though, will probably occur when Wallen performs on stage by himself, just using his voice and guitar. His genuine talent emerges in these peaceful times when he shares his feelings and exposes his soul to the public. Here, in the unvarnished honesty of his songs, Wallen finds redemption—not only for himself as a musician but also for himself as a person.

Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 Song List

So, these are a few expected songs that will be included in the Morgan Wallen 2024 Tour Setlist. 

  • Silverado For Sale 
  • 7 Summers 
  • Still Goin Down 
  • You Proof  
  • Thought You Should Know 
  • Country A$$ Shit 
  • Somebody’s Problem 
  • Chasin’ You   
  • Wasted On You  
  • Dangerous 
  • Whiskey Glasses
  • Up Down 
  • 865 
  • Sand In My Boots 
  • Cover Me Up   
  • Flower Shops  
  • He Went To Jared  
  • Warning 
  • This Bar  
  • Don’t Think Jesus 
  • More Than My Hometown 
  • The Way I Talk  
  • Encore 
  • Heartless 

Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 Ticket Prices

morgan wallen tour 2024
morgan wallen tour 2024

The Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 ticket prices can vary depending on the venue and the seats you select. The number of seats available in each arena will vary, which can have an impact on the cost of each seat. In a similar vein, the prices will increase if you choose seats nearer the pit or the stage. VIP tickets and the best seats in the house will cost more money. VIP passes may cost you more than $700. 

The Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 tickets are out and can be purchased on the musician’s website. Morgan Wallen concert tickets can also be bought online via ticket platforms including Ticketmaster. Purchase your Morgan Wallen Tour 2024 Ticketmaster tickets as soon as you can to avoid paying more later. Early October 2023 saw the start of the presale for Morgan Wallen’s 2024 tour. 

Morgan Wallen Concert Tour 2024: A Charitable Initiative

Morgan’s Tour is renowned for its charity endeavours. The Morgan Wallen Foundation (MWF), which supports children’s initiatives with an emphasis on sports and music, will get three dollars ($3) from each ticket sold for performances in the United States.

A few of the cities Wallen has visited, like Boston and Chicago, have seen Wallen actively participate in attempts for community rehabilitation. MWF recently gave $500,000 to the Parkwood community transformation project of Habitat For Humanity of Greater Nashville. Nonprofits like Mr Holland’s Opus organization, Make-A-Wish, The Salvation Army, and the National Museum of African American Music have also received support from the Wallen Foundation. For all fans of country music, Morgan Wallen’s One Night At A Time 2024 tour is a must-see as it promises to carry on the legacy of incredible performances and deep connections with fans.


The majority of the country’s major cities will be covered by the Morgan Wallen concerts. On the day of the performance, you can reserve official parking at the majority of the sites. But compared to other options, parking at the official facilities would cost more.  

In addition, there might be insufficient parking space on the premises, due to the large turnout. Official arena parking spaces will be in high demand this year based on the last Morgan Wallen Tour’s attendance. 

Near the majority of these locations, street parking is also available. It could appear inexpensive, but the unstated dangers involved could make your day miserable. You could face high fines and possibly have your car towed away for even the tiniest parking violations. 

On concert days, the best places to park are the off-site garages close to the venues. They protect your vehicle by offering services like valet parking, contactless parking, camera monitoring, and even aisle access at a reduced cost. 


For all fans of country music, Morgan Wallen’s One Night At A Time 2024 tour is a must-see because it promises to carry on the legacy of incredible performances and meaningful relationships with fans. So what are you waiting for? Book your concert tickets now and dive into Morgan’s musical melodies!

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On what date is the Morgan Wallen tour 2024 starting?
As per the schedule, the tour started on the 4th of April.
Will Morgan Wallen be accompanied on his tour by any special guests?
June 20 and 21, 2024, Bailey Zimmerman, Nate Smith, and Bryan Martin will join the concerts at US Bank Stadium as special guests.
How can one purchase tickets for Morgan Wallen’s tour in 2024?
You can buy tickets on the artists’ official website or through options like Ticketmaster.

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