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Explore The 5 Best Hotel In Phuket 2023

Best Hotel in Phuket

Phuket, the sparkling gem of Thailand’s Andaman Sea, beckons with its breathtaking coastlines, pulsing customs, and myriad captivating sights. This tropical paradise offers an alluring blend of untamed splendor and electrifying exploits, making it a dreamy getaway for adventurous spirits. In the pursuit of the best hotels in Phuket, Your trustworthy travel companion. ensures that your adventure in Phuket is a remarkable one, with its extensive collection and impeccable attention. The most exquisite hotels in Phuket, ranging from seaside estates that redefine magnificence to charming boutique retreats in peaceful hideaways, are at your disposal. For families, the best family hotels in Phuket deliver an impeccable fusion of coziness, convenience, and exhilaration. 

Unleash the magic of Phuket and commence a genuinely unforgettable trip by planning your expedition during the dry season, spanning from November to April, when the climate beckons, the skies are unblemished, and the land pulsates with markets, delectable gastronomy, and exhilarating marine escapades. This is one of the best hotels in Phuket.

Top 5 Best Hotels in Phuket .

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort
Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort | nomadscolumn

Behold, the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort, is a luxurious haven that delivers a transcendent experience to its guests. Located along a pristine shoreline, this retreat boasts 4 swimming pools that bestow a breathtaking panorama for ultimate repose. With a rating of 8.8 out of 10, it’s evident that guests are beyond thrilled with their journey. The hotel offers ample coveted amenities, including a shimmering pool, a rejuvenating spa, liberating WiFi, a delectable restaurant, and a convenient parking space. The lavishly appointed chambers afford spellbinding panoramas of the ocean or the pool, while the on-site restaurants dish up a feast of Italian delicacies. Whether you’re seeking a beachfront getaway or a rejuvenating spa experience, Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort is the perfect choice for the best hotels in Phuket.

Splash Beach Resort

Splash Beach Resort
Splash Beach Resort | nomadscolumn

Splash Beach Resort, located in Mai Khao, Phuket, is one of the best hotels in Phuket that offers an upscale and luxurious experience. Nestled by the shore, the resort flaunts a pair of aquamarine pools and grants effortless entry to Mai Khao Beach and Splash Jungle Water Park. With an impressive 8.4 out of 10 ratings derived from 571 reviews, it is revered by all who visit. The resort boasts an array of perks, such as a glimmering pool, rejuvenating spa, complimentary WiFi, and a restaurant that serves a bountiful breakfast. The vast, lavishly decorated chambers cater to various party sizes, from intimate duos to sprawling clans, and showcase awe-inspiring vistas. The friendly and multilingual staff, along with the resort’s beautiful beachfront location and excellent cleanliness measures, ensure an unforgettable and relaxing experience for guests at Splash Beach Resort, making it a top choice among the best hotels in Phuket.

Grand Mercure

Grand Mercure
Grand Mercure | nomadscolumn

Grand Mercure is one of the best hotels in Phuket, offering a 5-star, family-friendly experience just a short walk from the famous Patong Beach. The estate flaunts an array of in-demand facilities, such as a shimmering pool, an indulgent spa, gratis WiFi, an exquisite eatery, and a spot to stow your ride. The quarters are roomy and stocked with poolside entrances, elite suites, and villas to cater to diverse whims. The lodging sits snugly near hotspots like the Jungceylon Shopping Center and Bangla Road, and the hushed location and chance to venture into the alluring Patong district, known for its breathtaking coasts, enthrall guests. The Grand Mercure Phuket Patong caters to those in pursuit of the ultimate lodging experience in Phuket with a pleasant and comfortable stay. This is one of the best hotels in Phuket.

Mandarava Resort and Spa

Mandarava Resort and Spa
Mandarava Resort and Spa | nomadscolumn

Mandarava Resort and Spa proffers a lavish 5-star escapade near Karon Beach. This haven has garnered an astounding rating of 9.2 out of 10, owing to its unparalleled amenities that have left customers in awe. This oasis flaunts an array of amenities, including multiple pools, a spa that will invigorate your senses, free parking, complimentary WiFi, an exquisite restaurant, and air conditioning that will keep you cool in all rooms. The surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful, with Karon Beach just a mere 10-minute saunter away and Kata Beach a swift drive away. The resort offers various room options, ranging from rooms with balconies, private pool access, and even private pool villas that will give you a taste of opulence. Guests can luxuriate in the tranquillity of the resort’s location and the exceptional service provided by the staff. Surrender to a rejuvenating spa treatment, take a dip in the pools that will leave you feeling refreshed, and relish international cuisine at the on-site restaurant that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Mandarava Resort, and Spa is one of the best hotels in Phuket for an unforgettable stay. This is one of the best hotels in Phuket.

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa
JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa | nomadscolumn

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa is a 5-star luxury resort located in Mai Khao, Phuket, making it one of the best hotels in Phuket. Tucked away on a secluded shore, this resort presents an idyllic and spellbinding backdrop. With 3 open-air pools, encompassing a kiddie pool and water chutes, you can unwind and bask in the tropical Eden. The all-encompassing spa delivers sumptuous treatments like aromatherapy and rubdowns. The resort showcases 5 on-site eateries, proffering a smorgasbord of cuisines with oceanfront panoramas. Reviews from guests rate it as an exceptional 9.0 out of 10, extolling the resplendent environs and top-of-the-line amenities. Whether you yearn to relax on the private beach, explore nearby wonders like Turtle Village and Splash Jungle Water Park, or revel in the spa, JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa pledges an unforgettable journey. Secure your stay and uncover the magnificence of Phuket. This is one of the best hotels in Phuket.


When it comes to the best hotels in Phuket, offers an exceptional selection that guarantees an unforgettable experience. Indulge in the lavish beachfront grandeur of Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort or bask in the sophisticated and family-friendly atmosphere of Grand Mercure Phuket. These luxurious hotels cater to diverse tastes and promise unparalleled comfort. Mandarava Resort and Spa and JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa stand out as prime options, boasting 5-star luxury and awe-inspiring surroundings. Count on nomadscolumn to reveal the marvels of Phuket and reserve your spot at these exceptional hotels for a truly unforgettable getaway.

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What are some of the top luxury hotels in Phuket known for their high-end amenities and services?
Some of the best luxury hotels in Phuket known for their luxurious amenities and services include Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort and JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa. Experience impeccable service at these exceptional properties to make your journey a blissful retreat.
Can you recommend boutique best hotels in Phuket that offer a unique and intimate experience for guests?
Look no further than the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort and JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa – both of these lavish establishments epitomise extravagance and provide unparalleled service to their guests.
Are there any budget-friendly best hotels in Phuket that provide comfortable accommodations without breaking the bank?
If you’re on the lookout for budget-friendly options in Phuket, look no further than The AIM Patong Hotel and Larn Park Resortel, both of which offer comfortable accommodations at a fraction of the cost. 

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